Patient’s contact with MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY:

1. Patients can reach to MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY via;

  • Web site,
  • Mail or calling to patient relationship specialists of MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY,
  • MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY delegators located in Europe, Middle East, and Central Asia.

2. Information about treatment process
If our patients want to come in the planning operation process, we will be happy to plan the treatment process with them.

Only if our patients send their all medical information and examination results, we will share with them preparing proper treatment plans in company with specialists in the field.

In case it is used more than one procedure to patient, it will be decided with the patient which method will be chosen.

Patients have a quick accessibility to medical evaluation of the best doctors in their field via MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY. It is provided feedback to the patient evaluating patients’ situation in 24 hours.

Patients can compare with the others accessing all information about all centers.

Patients can compare with the others getting information about all medical technologies used in treatment.

Patients can compare with the others getting all alternative expense options to choose the most proper option for their budgets.

3. Coming to Turkey:
Depending on patients’ requests, flight tickets are gotten by MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY or the patient.

In case patients stay at a hotel before treatment or in treatment process, their reservations are made by MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY depending on patients’ requests. There are MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY’s contracted hotels which is located near to hospitals everywhere in Turkey. Patients can choose between hotels alternatives in which they want to stay in accordance with their budgets.

When patients arrive in Turkey, they are welcomed at airport and provided the transfer of the patients to hotel or hospital by the patient representative of MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY.

4. Treatment process
Treatments are performed at hospitals where JCI certificated high medical technology and the best doctors in the field are located.

On the day of treatment, the transfer of the patients from hotel or airport to hospital is provided by MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY.

Patients don’t have any communication problems thanks to MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY assistants who accompany them and speak the same language with them. ANO Group takes sides with patients 24/7.

Every stage of the treatment is followed by ANO Group doctors.

5. Leaving Turkey
The day when the patient is discharged, ANO Group makes all the necessary organization while the patient is leaving the hospital.

Patients are informed about post-treatment appointments and post-operative care before leaving the hospital.

Patient’s transfer to the airport is free of charge.

Tourist travel fee is paid by the patient will be organized by MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY, if patients demand it.

6. Post-treatment
Patients can keep in touch with MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY for post-treatment care after they return to their country. Patients’ post-treatment process is followed by MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY offices in the related countries.

You don’t have to search for hospital, treatment options or expense alternatives for treatment of your disease on your own. MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY does all the research for you and shares all the alternatives with you.

All treatment processes of patients are pursued by MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY team or MAFEDA HEALTH TRAVEL AGENCY doctors, besides patients and patient relatives are informed regularly.

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