Oral and Dental Health Department- Diagnosis and Treatment Services

All surgical operations and procedures including operations of ingrown wisdom teeth, root tip resections, maxillary protrusion or mandibular retrusion, and cyst and tumor operations are performed by this Oral and Health Dental Department.

The facilities offered by the general anesthesia rooms available in all hospitals make it possible to perform operations under general anesthesia, when required.

All aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, teeth color restorations, teeth whitening and laminate veneer restorations are implemented by this unit. The unit also provides treatment for blocked or fractured canals of the root canal system, teeth with severe infection, root fractures and retrograde filling.

Endodontic treatment is also known as root canal treatment.

Aesthetic Dental Care
It contains operations which are performed in line with patients' requests, or medical needs.

Oral Implantology
Dental implants can be described as artificial replacements of lost teeth. A single missing tooth or partial or total loss of teeth can be restored with implant applications, allowing us to eliminate functional and aesthetical problems arising there from.

Orthodontics department specializes in correction and treatment of teeth and jaw alignment issues. This department handles manipulation of jaw growth (in pediatric patients), correction of jaw defects due to habits (such as prolonged pacifier use), and correction of all misalignment issues. Orthodontic treatment is available for patients of all ages.

Our pedodontia department deals with the care and treatment of children's teeth, for children between the ages of 3 to 12.

Our periodontology department undertakes all treatments for disorders of the gums and the teeth supporting structures. Our specialists provide treatment for acute and chronic periodontitis, infections of the gums, ulcerative gum diseases, as well as aesthetic procedures such as treatment of gummy smile.

An approach to prosthesis involves full porcelain crown and laminate veneer applications, and utilization of products such as zirconium, for bridges and veneers.

Temporomandibular Joint Unit
We use TMJ (temporomandibular joint) involuntarily in our daily life. A stroke or trauma on this area may cause a problem in this joint that is connected not only to the cranium but also to the spine and shoulder girdle via soft tissue attachments.

There are some inventions for TMJ problems in our unit, moreover necessary conditions are performed by TMJ surgery.

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